2020.07 TROPHY9 AWARDS 수상자
2020년 8월 18일(화) 10:00~12:00

TROPHY9 교사교육

  • Book of Month

  • August
  • Mr. Biggs in the City
    Kevin Bloomfield
  • Lola at the Library
    Anna McQuinn
  • Mitchell Goes Bowling
    Hallie Durand
  • Me Too!
    Jamie Harper
  • A Moldy Mystery
    Michelle Knudsen
  • Mom, The School Flooded
    Ken Rivard
  • How I Became a Pirate
    Melinda Long
  • Hello Sun!
    Hans Wilhelm
  • Not My Girl
    Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
  • Mahalia Mouse Goes to College
    John Lithgow