2023.2 TROPHY9 AWARDS 수상자

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2023년 4월 6일(목) 10:00~12:00

TROPHY9 프로그램 설명회(비대면)

  • Book of Month

  • April
  • Geronimo Stilton, Volume 1: The Discovery of America
    Geronimo Stilton
  • Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee
    Chris Van Dusen
  • Stitched, Vol. 1: The First Day Of The Rest Of Her Life
    Mariah McCourt
  • Secretary Bird (Video)
  • Bloom
    Doreen Cronin
  • Champion: The Story of Muhammad Ali
    Jim Haskins
  • Exploration of Mars (Video)
  • Clever Trevor
    Sarah Albee
  • Best Friend Trouble
    Frances Itani
  • Salma the Syrian Chef
    Danny Ramadan
  • Swift Fox All Along
    Rebecca Thomas
  • Wait and See
    Robert Munsch
  • Mooncakes
    Loretta Seto
  • Dear Peter Rabbit
    Alma Flor Ada
  • Diary of a Fly
    Doreen Cronin
  • Crazy for California
    Josh Bell
  • Mercy Watson Thinks Like A Pig
    DiCamillo, Kate
  • When Planet Earth Was New
    James Gladstone
  • Ma, I'm a Farmer
    Michael Martchenko
  • Not 'Til Tomorrow, Phoebe
    Julie Zwillich
  • Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue
    Ellen Feinman Moss
  • Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10
    Judy Finchler
  • Can Hens Give Milk?
    Stuchner, Joan Betty
  • Bink And Gollie, Two For One: Whack -A- Duck
    DiCamillo, Kate
  • My Afternoon Guest
    Zevy, Aaron
  • Kyle Goes Alone
    Thornhill, Jan
  • Contest Between the Sun and the Wind
    Heather Forest
  • And You Can Come Too
    Ruth Ohi
  • Baby Animals Playing
    Suzi Eszterhas
  • One is a Drummer: A book of Numbers
    Roseanne Thong