2021.9 TROPHY9 AWARDS 수상자

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2021-10-29 10:00~12:00

TROPHY9 프로그램 설명회(비대면)

  • Book of Month

  • October
  • Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things that Make Me Happy
    Scott Menchin
  • Whale's World
    Nicholas Read
  • Purple Smurfs
    Peyo and Delaporte
  • Spare Dog Parts
    Spare Dog Parts
  • When We Are Kind
    Monique Gray Smith
  • The Trouble with Time Travel
    Stephen W. Martin
  • Once Upon an Hour
    Ann Yu-Kyung Choi
  • What Makes Us Unique
    Dr. Jillian Roberts
  • Pippo the Fool
    Tracey E. Fern
  • Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate?: How Animals Keep Warm
    Etta Kaner
  • Marsupial Sue
    John Lithgow
  • Perfect Season for Dreaming
    Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • What Happens Next
    Susan Hughes
  • Little Book of Big Fears
    Monica Arnaldo
  • Always
    Alison McGhee
  • Bunny Days
    Tao Nyeu
  • Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do
    Kathryn Heling & Deborah Hembrook
  • The Artist And Me
    Shane Peacock
  • A Home for Pearl Squirrel
    Amy Crane Johnson
  • Life Cycle of a Honeybee
  • Into the Tub
    Jill P. Nolen and Laura J. Beaver
  • Room Enough for Daisy
    Debby Waldman
  • William's Getaway
    Annika Dunklee
  • Bink And Gollie, Two For One: Without Question
    DiCamillo, Kate
  • Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp
    Lisa Harkrader
  • Pop's Bridge
    Eve Bunting
  • The Dance of the Violin
    Kathy Stinson
  • Mercy Watson to the Rescue
    DiCamillo, Kate
  • The Smurfs Vol 2
    Peyo and Delaporte
  • Chimaera (Video)