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2019.11 TROPHY9 AWARDS 수상자
2019년 12월 18일(수) 10:30~12:30

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  • Book of Month

  • December 2019
  • Biscuit
    Alyssa Satin Capucilli
  • Duck! Rabbit!
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • Ook the Book
    Lissa Rovetch
  • The Biggest Job of All
    Harriet Ziefert
  • Digger The Dinosaur
    Rebecca Kai Dotlich
  • Red is Best
    Kathy Stinson
  • Beautiful Moon
    Dawn Jeffers
  • Big or Little?
    Kathy Stinson
  • For Just One Day
    Laura Leuck
  • Let's Do Nothing!
    Fucile, Tony